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TV Aerials For Under £50 –
BE AWARE ! Aerials for £38 or £50 One big Myth!!

You will see companies on the internet quoting as little as £38 to £50 in there main advert for a complete TV aerial.
Don’t be Conned this is just a way to get there foot in the door.
When they get your attention they will tell you that this is not suitable and up sell you an aerial often that would cost 2-3 times as the original quote which you probably don’t need.

Work it out, how can a company come round and fit a new aerial including all the parts and labour, traveling time, and a guarantee all for under £50 its impossible.
You have all seen the TV programmes!! They are the companies all quoting the £49.00 myth…!

Why Would You Choose the ALBAR AERIALS Team :

Because most jobs are not the same , every house, street and area can effect signal, it is sometimes necessary to have a more powerful aerial, or most importantly any Health and Safety hazards that can affect the install this is why we offer a free quoting service.

This is genuinely a FREE service with no hidden charges Guaranteed.**

Our Promise. “You only pay for work carried out.” NOT ADVICE that is FREE..

Give us a call today, we quote what you pay… 01563 614 013

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