TV Mounting Ayrshire

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Our TV Mounting Ayrshire:

  • Our service includes channelling out the walls to hide cables and smooth plastering over.

  • We’ll mount your wall mount bracket to a suitable wall. We supply the bracket.

  • Hang the TV on to the bracket.

  • Connect the existing equipment to the new TV.

  • Conceal the connecting cables or any channelling and plastering if required.

  • Tune and set up receivable channels.

  • Clean the site before leaving.

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Smart Tv mounting and setup, HD TV’s fitted throughout Ayrshire, Kilmarnock and Glasgow

Book your TV installation appointment and our engineer will arrive and carryout a full site survey advising you of any accessories that maybe required to complete your TV installation.

When you get your new TV home you will find that the wall mount bracket is not included, don’t worry, we supply and fit any fixings for your preferred wall. We can also supply and install them on almost any kind of wall.

Installing your flat screen TV on the wall is a great way to make more space in your home, commercial property or even out buildings. Its also a great way of keeping small kids away from mischif or pets from damaging expensive Televisions. Fitting a TV bracket on your own can be very tricky if you have never installed one before. There are quite a few factors that we need to take into consideration before we can even condsider to attempt installing a TV on a wall.

When you call us to request a quote we will ask you a few questions regards to the installation, for instance what type of wall is it being fitted to?

Is it a plaster board wall or a Brick wall? We ask this because we can determine which kind of TV Bracket and fixings you will need and be able to use. Is there a power socket near enough to where the TV will be installed, or will you require a longer power cable? Does the TV Aerial reach, and will the HDMI cable need replacing?

We have hung countless Flat screen TV’s on walls and have offered this service for years. ALBAR AERIALS can provide a Tv wall mount in Ayrshire with confidence to say that we provide a very professional service and when we put up a TV it stays up!


All products supplied and fitted by us are of Superior  Quality 

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